Event shared to Slack

RSVP to events right from Slack

This will add your name to the guest list, and will even sync to your calendar.

Sync channel members into Everyspace for newsletters and more

As new members join your Slack channel, they’ll be added to your Everyspace CRM, where you can send emails, newsletters, surveys, and more.

Sync channel members
Slack message details

Custom designs, scheduled messages, and analytics

With Everyspace, you’ll have full control over how your messages look, when they’re sent, and which channel (or personal) they reach – all with the data you need.

Dozens of integrations, without ever leaving Slack

We know your team lives in Slack, so let us take care of the rest behind the scenes.

Slack connection

Our customers ❤️ Slack + Everyspace

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See the integration in action

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