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We couldn’t be more excited to announce a partnership between Everyspace, the leading community platform, and Asian Leaders Alliance (ALA), one of the largest cross-company groups of ERG leaders of the Asian American & Pacific Islander community.

ALA is a global network of ERG leaders across hundreds of major corporations. As a group, they empower members with important resources and recommendations, but more importantly, they create a broader support network that fosters collaboration cross-company to spur positive, long-term, and inclusive community impact.

Hosting Inclusive Events

Bringing people together across companies and timezones means a combination of in-person and virtual events. Members can filter through the event calendar to find things relevant to them based on interest, location, or timing. Our Google Calendar integration means these events are always synced to a public calendar, and the Zoom integration ensures that virtual attendees are automatically checked in.

Sharing Updates with Members

Drafting newsletters, sending event invitations, and starting new discussions used to happen across MailChimp, Eventbrite, Slack, and more. With Everyspace, communication happens in one place, and everyone is kept in the loop.

Measuring Results

It can be difficult to measure the impact that a community has on its members. Everyspace’s engagement scoring and participation reports allow event hosts and community organizers. For more granular feedback, post-event surveys collect NPS scores and feedback to help improve future programming.

Building a great community means not only creating value for your members, but also empowering members to easily make their own contributions. With Everyspace, it’s easy to create events, share with members, and track feedback. These tools are critical whether you’re a community leader or sharing something for the first time.

Everyspace has been amazing for our community. It allows everyone to share events, find events, and have all of the tools to understand what is going on. And the best thing is, we put the power into the hands of our members and community to be that multiplier!

Jimmy Hua, Founder of ALA

For those interested in joining or supporting ALA and their mission to support the AAPI community, you can learn more here. And if you’re looking for tools to support your own ERG management, you can get started with Everyspace for free.

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