Today, the Everyspace team is extremely excited to announce the launch of a new partnership with WorkOS, a leading provider of enterprise data solutions.

It’s important to have a single source of truth of employee data, and for most companies, this lives in an HRIS system like Workday. When data changes in this system, you want to be sure it’s automatically updated in all connected systems.

With this new integration, Everyspace clients can now seamlessly sync their employee directory in real time to their Everyspace dashboards. This means departments, job titles, and even timezones can be synced from your HRIS system continuously. No more downloading and uploading of CSVs!

Whether you’re using Okta, Workday, Azure Active Directory, or any other SCIM-based system, you can link your users in a matter of minutes.

To get started, navigate to “Admin” > “Apps & Integrations”, and launch the “Directory Sync” app.

If you’re not yet an Everyspace customer, get a personalized live demo.

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