We are super excited to announce today our integration with Loom, the leading video tool built for the future of work. Loom helps you share screen recordings with live audio and video overlaid on top. Today’s launch furthers our mission of making companies more open and connected.

With this integration, you can record & embed Loom screen recordings into your Everyspace content without ever needing to leave the app. This is great for sharing community updates, sending out product walkthroughs, or any other video content that would otherwise be a meeting.

Here’s an example of a post with an embedded Loom video.

We already know the benefits of creating community in your organization, but in distributed teams, this can mean more and more Zoom meetings. While real-time communication is great, Zoom fatigue is a real thing. Loom solves this piece by allowing for asynchronous updates that live on permanently within your Everyspace dashboard.

In Everyspace, Posts are a great way to share content across your organization, your community, or your personal profile. Supercharge your content by clicking the “Loom” button to start recording now.

If you’re not an Everyspace user yet, you can sign up here in just a few minutes.

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