Today is an exciting culmination of years of hard work and the evolution of the Turnout brand. We are finally ready to unveil our new name: Everyspace. More than just a name change, this represents an expansion of our mission to bring culture & community to companies everywhere.

Everyspace is a social intranet that helps companies centralize communications and events to better engage & retain employees. With deep integrations into existing tools like Slack, email, calendar, and more, we help HR teams create data-driven engagement programs and measure ROI.

As Turnout transitions to Everyspace, we will continue to be the product that you know and love, but with a broader mission, a new product line, a bold new logo, and an emphasis on bringing data-driven engagement to organizations everywhere.

Our commitment to our community has not changed; we wanted our new name to:

  • Reflect our growing focus on creating inclusive spaces for sharing interests, hobbies, identities, and more.
  • Enable rich connections, collaborations, and communities people coming together for a shared purpose.
  • Provide comprehensive data and insights into your organization’s culture.

We’ve heard overwhelming feedback from our customers that they have been using Turnout for more than just events and communities. They’ve built a social gathering place for conversation and dialogue that spans across the company. The potential for our platform to be the social intranet for organizations is in alignment with our new name.

With this re-brand, you’ll begin to see our new name and logo on our website, packaging, social media channels, and more. We hope you find joy in Everyspace, so come check us out at

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